Always at the forefront of packaging in North America, we continuously invest in new technologies to reduce the weight of our packaging and render it more biodegradable. Reducing our ecological footprint is a primary goal for our company.

When it comes to sustainable development, waste prevention is a must for any business in which packaging is an important component. Over and above the environmental impact, packaging is essential to production, especially in the agrifood industry.

In addition to making sure that our packaging protects the quality of our products and enhances food safety, our teams work hard to find ways to fulfill our commitment to responsible packaging. Key waste reduction measures include reducing the weight and volume of packaging and integrating recycled materials.

As part of its responsible environmental management initiative, Lassonde has invested in new technologies. This has allowed us to make substantial progress in reducing packaging weight with the aim of reducing our environmental footprint. Lassonde has always been a pioneer of packaging in North America.

Read more about ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact in the 2017 Sustainable Development Report.

Our new bottles?A proactive and responsible choice

The company does everything possible to reduce the ecological footprint of its bottles by means of technical changes designed to optimize packaging.